Saturday, October 29, 2011

Should You Get a Skin for your iPod?

iPod came into the world of digital audio player in 2001, and since then, for a short span of five years, the standard for digital audio player has never been the same. If it is not an iPod, it is inferior; if it is an iPod, it should be the latest generation.

Third-party manufacturers of iPod accessories were born and are continually growing in number like bunnies. Speakers, FM transmitters, Voice Recorder, BMW Playlist, these are just among the few iPod accessories that keep our mouth agape with delight and expectation. There is, however, a single iPod accessory that created a niche of its own in the "iPod ecosystem": the iPod skin line.

Get Raw With iPod Shuffle

Ever since the release of iPod shuffle, there has been much confusion as to the merits of this ipod series. The original iPod boasted of other features like displaying contacts, calendars, and notes; the ability to play games and to record voice notes through an external microphone and store pictures with the use of a media card reader. All of these were able to capture the high and middle end users of portable audio players. But when you close closely at the iPod shuffle, you’ll see that it was created for the lower end market.

Reviews on the iPod

There are many things that people say about apple ipods. iPod reviews are posted all over the Internet and there will always be good or bad reviews available for the interested reader.

Here are some of the summarized iPod reviews available on the Internet:

Pros of iPod

Throughout the years, music lovers have acknowledged the crisp sound produced by the Apple iPod. iPod reviews have always attempted to describe the different music experience is always felt by the listener and every record song seems to be played live. Aside from this, here are the features that people have written in their iPod reviews. Things that they love about Apple iPod:

iPod Repair Service Centers

If you are contemplating on putting up your own business, why not try to learn the ins and outs of iPod repair service center? If you will scout the net, you will find that very few offer iPod repair service. In fact, your State doesn't even have one.

Although Apple have some offices in some States that offer iPod repair service, third party are not discouraged to put up their own iPod repair service center.

* About the Apple iPod Repair Warranty

The Clash of MP3 Players and iPods

In the music universe, being number one means having the best of everything. From storage space and versatility to style and functionality, engineers have been moving towards the realization of that need. Not since the mp3 players and ipods have we seen the most amazing array of music devices available for audiophiles and techno rats.

It is interesting to note that MP3 players and ipods have always been mistaken for each other. And as hard as the brand managers try to differentiate their product from competitors, society has the last say on which product makes it and what its nickname will eventually become. MP3 players and ipods started out fairly the same; both are portable, audio players designed to eliminate the need for compact discs. MP3 players and ipods play a variety of music file formats from WAV, MP3, WMA, and MPEG to name a few. Both can also work as file storage devices. However, MP3 players are flash drive storage devices only. They have a limited capacity of up to 1 GB whereas ipods give the user a choice between a flash drive and a hard drive that can store up to 60 GB in memory size.